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Embracing Tradition: Kriti & Shantu's Journey to a Vibrant Indian Wedding Celebration

indian wedding, traditional wedding, haldi, sangeet, bride, groom

In June 2019, Shantu found himself navigating the vibrant streets of San Jose, eager to immerse himself in the local craft cocktail scene and perhaps stumble upon a connection. Little did he know, fate had orchestrated a meeting with Kriti, who, after scouring what felt like every dating app profile in the Bay Area, stumbled upon his charming presence. Their initial dates were a dance of uncertainty, both unknowingly intrigued yet hesitant to fully commit. However, as time passed, their bond deepened, transitioning from acquaintances to inseparable companions.

indian wedding, traditional wedding, haldi, sangeet, bride, groom

In the ensuing years, Kriti and Shantu navigated their journey together, blending adventure with familiarity. From exploring Shantu's former hometown of Austin to leisurely strolls through Crescent Village Park, they found joy in both the extraordinary and the everyday. Their love blossomed through culinary experiments at home and cherished moments with family, seamlessly weaving their lives together.

As witnesses to their journey, we at Collideskope Studios are honored to have captured the essence of Kriti and Shantu's love story. From the joyous celebrations of their sangeet and haldi ceremonies to the heartfelt exchange of vows on their wedding day, we've had the privilege of preserving the beautiful moments that mark the beginning of their shared forever.

Watch Kriti and Shantu's Highlight Film

The film encapsulates the joy, love, and magical moments experienced on our clients' special day. We believe they truly reflect the hard work, professionalism, and dedication each vendor contributed to making their wedding a resounding success.

Thank you to all the incredible vendors for your invaluable contribution to this amazing wedding!

Cinema: Collideskope Studios

Photographer: Kat Ma Photography

Every love story is unique, and yours deserves to be told in a way that's as special as your journey. Connect with us, and let's discuss how we can make your wedding video an artful expression of your unique story.


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